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Chaar Gaanth

Ad campaign: ‘Chaar Gaanth’ (Four Knots) on Birth preparedness

The insight for this ad was that nobody likes complications – they are stressful, expensive and wasteful. To avoid this, it is necessary to underline the importance of planning. People plan for their crops in advance to protect them from harsh weather conditions but plan very little when it comes to child birth. How do you keep a track of your schedule? Your mobile phone? Your iPad? Your desktop calendar? What if you lived in a small village in rural India, and didn’t have a mobile phone or iPad or laptop on which to set reminders? To help people plan better, we created an “aide memoir” using the idea of tying knots in your handkerchief – but translating that to the ubiquitous Indian gamchha (or scarf) – to be used to remind them of critical things to do when a baby is on the way. See the ad here: Chaar Gaanth