• Beyond Scale: How to make your digital development program sustainable

    Beyond Scale: How to make your digital development program sustainable

    Produced by Digital Impact Alliance in partnership with Esoko and BBC Media Action, the eBook covers the entire life cycle of a digital solution, from strategy to roll out, and provides guidance.

  • Rethinking communication for maternal and child health

    This policy briefing documents a particular approach to project design and implementation that proved effective both in achieving change in Bihar and in developing health communication that could be scaled up nationally.

  • A GSMA case study on Kilkari

    Kilkari case study

    An in depth analysis Kilkari brings to light learnings around mHealth mobile channels, business models, marketing strategy and technology deployment along with key lessons learned and best practices.

  • Full report – Mobile Kunji Usage and Engagement Study

    Mobile Kunji in use

    Families exposed to Mobile Kunji messages were found to be more likely to practice positive behaviours related to birth preparedness and complementary feeding.

  • Executive summary – Mobile Kunji Usage and Engagement Study

    A community health worker using Mobile Kunji

    The study finds that community health workers regard the job aid as a colleague and its usage improves trust, comprehension and acceptance of information by the families.

  • A mobile guide toward better health

    Mobile kunji on MIT Innovations journal

    A case study in the Nov 2014 special issue of MIT Innovations journal on how Mobile Kunji is improving birth outcomes in Bihar, India was published.



    Early analysis concludes that exposure to Mobile Kunji adds substantial value in predicting behaviour.

  • Training and equipping frontline health workers with mobile health education tools

    Connected Women by Vodafone Foundation

    A case study on Mobile Academy and Mobile Kunji underpins how technology has helped women seize new opportunities and improved their lives across India.

  • Health on the move – can mobile phones save lives?

    Can mobile phones save lives?

    This policy briefing, drawing on BBC Media Action's direct experience in using phones to improve health education, focuses on how the mobile phone offers important opportunities for saving lives.

  • Impact evaluation of ‘Chaar Gaanth’ campaign


    'Chaar Gaanth' is a BBC Media Action communication campaign that used TV and rural marketing activities to promote birth preparedness among families in Bihar.

  • Impact evaluation of ‘Gaanth Baadh Lo’ street theatre

    Gaanth Baadh Lo

    BBC Media Action used street theatres to communicate critical information on birth preparedness to rural communities without access to media. More than 400,000 people watched the performance.