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Principles of scale-ver2

BBC Media Action creates innovative, engaging and impactful communication solutions that aim at long-lasting social change.


We identify a difficult problem by learning all that we can about it and its affect on people. Following this, we design strategies and build ideas to help solve the issue at hand by then pressure-testing the devised ideas. We work in partnership with governments, other NGOs and private sector organizations to implement and monitor these ideas and conclude by evaluating its impact.


Once these solutions have been implemented successfully at scale and are shown to have impact, we work to transition the long term running and management of these interventions to key partners and collaborators – government, NGOs and even private sector organisations – to ensure the long-term philanthropy-independent sustainability.


Our particular approach to project design and implementation is both effective in achieving change in highly challenging development contexts and in designing communication solutions that can be scaled up widely. All our communication solutions are designed for scale and are informed by the following principles:-

 •   Appropriate technology, media and platforms

 •   Public and private sector partnerships

 •   Global access, through licensing content for the widest possible use

 •   Global learning, by publishing and sharing not just impact but                 implementation science